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They Grow Down So Darn Fast.cWilliam J. Smith
They Grow Down So Darn Fast
Author: William J. Smith
Number of Pages: 259 pages
Published Date: 15 Nov 2012
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781105977183
File Name: They.Grow.Down.So.Darn.Fast.pdf
Download Link: They Grow Down So Darn Fast

Carol Anne Smith is a normal,little girl whose middle-class family lives in the suburbs of New York.Her father is an inventor who, one day,invents this machine that can make any item either grow, or shrink,from it's original size,but Carol Anne becomes an unwitting guinea-pig when the family cat,named Snowy,knocks the machine,called a re-atomizer, over,activating the machine,and turning Carol Anne into a doll-house figurine miniature of herself,and she must now live in her doll-house and watch out for dangers that were mere minor annoyances to her in the past,including the family cat,who turns on her. Can Carol Anne survive until her father can get the needed replacement parts to make the re-atomizer work again,or will Carol Anne be relegated to living her life in her doll-house,in total and abject fear of her surroundings? Find out in this gripping new novel

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